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Type 8 Assault Weapon System by Semi-II Type 8 Assault Weapon System by Semi-II
Calibre: 44mm tube
Feed system: Muzzle-loaded
System of operation: Striker-fired, recoilless
Muzzle velocity: Varies depending on round
Effective firing range: Varies depending on round, typically ~180m
Rate of fire: Depends on operator skill, average of 5-6 rounds/minute

The Type 8 Assault Weapon System is the primary handheld anti-armour weapon encountered in the hands of Kohlan infantry troops. It is a shoulder-fired, recoilless, unguided, muzzle-loading weapon typically allocated at a ratio of two per lance, a lance being essentially a half-platoon comprised of two teams of eight troops. An ad-hoc team is often formed around the weapon consisting of an operator and an assistant; the operator carries and fires the weapon, while the assistant provides security for the operator, assists with reloading the weapon and carries spare ammunition. The operator is not officially issued a sidearm, and instead receives basic instruction in hand-to-hand combat using the launcher tube as a club. However, operators will often try to obtain an additional personal weapon where possible. The weapon is fitted by default with an unmagnified reflex optic similar to that found on the Type 26 carbine, offset to the left of the weapon and with selectable range adjustments for different ammunition types.

The weapon uses two-part ammunition consisting of a polymer-cased booster charge that breaks up on firing and is vented out the rear of the launcher, and a projectile - most often an aluminium-lined HEAT warhead with rocket motor, though the weapon can also, with the addition of a booster charge, fire the Type 6 handheld anti-tank grenade issued to each Kohlan infantry soldier. Other warhead types have also been observed, including smoke, incendiary, fragmentation and, perhaps most unusually, a canister warhead relying on the booster charge to fire a charge of 18mm steel balls. Apparently in great shortage and intended to be issued for short-range self-defence or antipersonnel use, the remnants of the canister warhead had to be manually unloaded after firing due to its design. The basic lot of ammunition allocated per file per day of combat is some sixteen complete rounds of HEAT plus eight spare booster charges.

To fire the weapon, the operator first screws a booster charge onto the base of their selected round before loading it, charge-first, into the muzzle of the launcher, aligning the locator stud on the round (or, in the case of the Type 6 grenade, the pull-pin) with the notch in the muzzle of the weapon, at which point the round is locked in place by a component of the safety mechanism. If firing the Type 6 grenade, the pin is removed at this point. The operator then grasps the launcher with both hands, one on the forward grip, and uses the thumb of the firing hand to pull and hold forward the safety lever located behind the trigger. This both cocks the striker and unlocks the trigger. The weapon is then sighted with the integral reflex sight and the trigger is depressed to fire. After firing, the trigger mechanism is reset and the safety lever can be released.

The weapon is relatively short-ranged, with an effective firing range of roughly 180m using standard ammunition and 80-100m using handheld grenades, depending on operator ability. Average penetration is some 650mm of RHAe for the HEAT warhead and roughly 250-280mm for the hand grenade. Overall, the weapon proved satisfactory in the light anti-armour role during the early stages of the Kohlan invasion of Satori where its main targets were the more lightly-armoured APCs and IMVs of local Colonial Ground Security units, though it was rapidly challenged by the MBTs and even IFVs deployed from Earth in response to the invasion. It remained a capable anti-personnel and anti-structure weapon for the duration of the conflict.


Holy fuck I wrote a lot there. Kinda blue-balled my brain for a few months, I guess. 

Went back to college recently to study another course and it's actually motivated me to do stuff. Just feels good to be uploading something again.
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678091 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kinda looks like the Panzerfaust 60M
Hexelarity Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what program do you use?
Semi-II Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adobe Flash CS6.
Wolohan2011 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What, no grenade version of the HEAT warhead? :v
Semi-II Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Considered it, but then thought it might just be a little overkill and went with the smaller AT grenades heh.
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